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If you have a single, small group, or a whole fleet of buses, you know that bus repair and maintenance is crucial to keep everything running smoothly. You’ll also understand that knowing something about your buses is a good idea so that you can speak knowledgeably for when it's time to bring it to the bus mechanic. In North Brisbane, Superior Alignments has an 18-year track record of servicing large vehicles like buses, and while a complete course on buses might be a more substantial investment of time than what you currently have available, we can give you a quick rundown on a few things you should know about your bus.

What Bus Service Should You Perform? When?

A bus is a complex piece of machinery with lots of working parts, so bus repair and service should take place regularly. Specifics vary from bus to bus, but there are some standard features many buses share, and some general guidelines on how often you should check, update, or replace certain parts.

For your engine, the heart of your bus (to provide an example) you should check the oil levels daily. If possible, get an oil sample analysis done every six months, and change the oil and filter at about the same frequency. Within the engine, other components like the belts, crankcase/crankshafts, and valve lashes should be checked at regular intervals during bus service.

Your transmission is also integral to the proper functioning of your bus. It transfers energy created by the engine to the wheels. As with your engine, the fluid levels should be checked daily if possible. And the internal filters will benefit greatly from a yearly or bi-yearly change. At that time, the vents and shift cable should also be looked over for wear and tear, and to mitigate the effects of any damage.

What of the brakes? No bus mechanic would ever overlook these. Hydraulic brakes should have their fluid checked daily, and the master cylinder inspected at three-month intervals. You should test the park brake lever and cable every six months. For air brakes, the tanks should probably be drained daily (cold weather) or weekly (warmer weather). You should also get your many valves checked out and cleaned. Depending on the valves, the frequency will range from every six months to every two years.

It sometimes goes overlooked (and under-appreciated) but you should show your bus’s suspension some periodic attention as well. Give it a visual inspection every few months, and bring it to your North Brisbane bus mechanic every six months for some in-depth inspection and tune up.

Where to Go for Bus Service in North Brisbane

There are plenty of other parts that will need servicing on your bus, so remember to bring yours periodically in for bus repair. In North Brisbane, we've built a reputation for quality, reliable, speedy service. We know that without your buses in working order, your business could grind to a halt. We employ qualified mechanics with years of experience to make sure you're back on the road fast. If you need bus service in North Brisbane, give us a call today on 07 3888 6988 to find out more information or schedule an appointment!

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